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""You have to guard your faith, hold it tightly against your chest and trust that everything will be all right""

Philip Holbrooks (Redemption by Francette Phal)

The Vincent Brothers  - Abbi Glines

I am so glad that Sawyer and Lana got their own happy ending! It felt quite a rush that they are all getting married after college! Ash for me was still a btch for getting not only the boys but everybody messed up for her problems. damn she ain't good news, baby! okay I am getting really biased. lol!

The Vincent Boys: Extended and Uncut  - Abbi Glines

I am glad Beau finally got something that he really deserves which is happiness! not only ash! Okay I am just gonna shut up before I say something that is bad! lol

Redemption (The Bet) - Francette Phal, Richard Davis

I am so glad for this one! I really loved this! Finally got the closure I needed from the mindfcking last book! lol! Poor Devlin but hell I am so glad their family made it! Absolutely loved Bella, Sophie and Dylan. Quite weird to name Bella from the kid that died though but nonetheless she was sweet and adorable! Nicholas is a damned scary man if you ever cross him but I still fell for him in this book. lol! Would love to have the genes! jk

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire

IMO this was way better than Beautiful Disaster! I really loved Travis! He truly loved her even if she was quite a cranky btch and runs away every time she gets too scared. This one was extra scenes too! Crazy epilogue! He became an agent! opps! spoiler! ;)

Beautiful Disaster  - Francette Phal

Accidentally read this because I thought this was Jamie McGuire's but no worries it was quite a blessing in disguise. I just found it out because I was mindfcked by the ending and I wasn't sure if that was really the end so I googled it and I got a different ending but with different characters. Hahahahaha! It was so funny I cried! lol

Breathe - Abbi Glines

This one sticks out from the rest of Abbi Glines' writings I have read. This one is more child appropriate. lol. 

Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

I didn't really got the hang of the story at first. The story was really light but it was still ok. I'm glad how the things worked out for the characters especially Caroline for getting O back. lol

Twisted Perfection  - Abbi Glines

I'm glad Abbi Glines made a novel out of Woods' character. I'm so glad he could have a love of his own. The way the story flows did not really grew apart from the Fallen Too Far series. I still liked this one though! :)

Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines

This book is hot! Young adult kind of hot. lol. Wish the characters' name were better tho. But still lovin' it! I'm starting to like Abbi Glines' writing! :)

Taking Chances  - Molly McAdams

Couldn't really say I loved this book but I was hooked. I couldn't stop reading until the very end. She's damn lucky to be really loved liked that by everybody to the point that it really sticks out that this book is fiction.